In 2013 Errecinque starts the production of the first urea sender units for an important European OEM. By doing this Errecinque proposes itself as an official player in the difficult segment of the urea systems worldwide.

In 2014 Errecinque starts to produce even the first urea sender units equipped with the urea quality sensor and consequently becoming one of the key-players in the world-wide urea market. Infact several are the OEMs who have already decided to use Errecinque’s urea systems (sender units and lines) into their vehicles and machines. Europe, USA and Japan are the current markets where it’s possible to find in field an Errecinque’s urea system.

In 2015, due to a very fast demand increase, Errecinque moves the production of the urea sender units to a brand new area in Volpiano plant which allows a very high production capability.

In 2017 Errecinque makes a JV with Roechling Automotive Group for development and production of urea lines in Romania. The agreement to 50 between the Partners, launches Errecinque towards further business opportunities.

Errecinque is today an international company able to produce a lot of different components for all automotive applications. The success in the overall business comes from key parameters like reliability, flexibity skills and competitiveness which elect Errecinque as the ideal partner for any manufacturer all over the world.



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