In 1995 the braiding department is moved to the site in Cosenza.

In 1996 Errecinque acquires a small manufacturing company of metal fittings to be set up and crimped on the pipe ends. This new-born mechanical department guarantees Errecinque autonomy and flexibility, key issues for a company that produces and offers hundreds of different items, often in small-medium batches.

In the late '90s Errecinque strengthens its commercial position: many more pipes, traditionally made of metal, are replaced by plastic ones, offering the advantage of being lighter, less noisy and less bulky.
Thus Errecinque develops one of the most important departments for the company, the thermoforming.

In 2000 Errecinque starts the new lines of co-extrusion (to produce pipes of different materials in one step only) and corrugation (to give pipes more flexibility at certain points of their drawing and development).
The same year Errecinque sets up a new production line for blow moulded plastic pipes, which can replace the pipes made of metal and rubber, or of aluminium, in the suction systems of cars and industrial vehicles.
These activities are all located in the plant in Cosenza, thus contributing to the development of a region historically known as "depressed area".

These new technologies open new horizons and the turnover steadily grows.



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